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Annette Gillespie


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Annette Gillespie is an experienced counsellor, business development consultant, and industry leader with over 25 years of experience. She has worked as a Senior Executive, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Director on some of the country’s most prominent family violence prevention organisations. Annette considers herself a true changemaker who is passionate about growing organisational impact, driving strategic intent, improving organisational culture, and ensuring financial stability so that organisations are better equipped to help those they serve.

While working as the CEO of Australia’s largest 24/7 state-wide Family Violence crisis intervention service, Annette Gillespie grew the organisation fifteen times in size. By implementing a change management strategy, and growing business development through innovative marketing and fundraising plans, she was able to grow the size and scope of the company—therefore increasing the number of people they could reach and, in turn, help. 

Annette Gillespie has received formal training for a myriad of counselling-related issues, including, people and culture, clinical supervision, cultural competence and working with diversity, group facilitation, mental health, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, responding to sexual assault, and narrative therapy. Her combined experience as a counsellor and a director of counselling centres have made her a leader in the industry, fueled by empathy, understanding, and a desire to help those in need.

Throughout the course of her career, Annette has worked in every branch of business. She has a vast knowledge and understanding of the strategic aspects of business and can quickly identify a company’s goals and determine the best course of action. It was this skill that led her to her latest endeavour.

After effectively leading some of the most prominent organisations in family violence prevention in both New Zealand and Australia, Annette Gillespie began her own consulting company in 2019. Passionate about helping others, she is confident that her experience can help others see success. The problems that arise in business have always excited her. She maintains that there is never just one solution to a problem. Instead, there is a vast network of solutions—the key is to find which one is the best for you and your business goals.

Annette Gillespie is also passionate about leadership development and mentoring. She loves to help people grow and, as a business consultant, she can help people find the potential within themselves and their companies. Nothing makes her as excited as seeing someone come into the industry with limited knowledge and helping them, over time, develop themselves and their careers. 

In her free time, Annette Gillespie enjoys riding horses, reading, and walking. She believes in the importance of exercising both one’s body and mind. Annette is the proud mother of two sons and has been happily married for 30 years. She recently became a grandmother for the very first time, and could not be more excited. Though her son and grandson currently live in Poland, she spends as much time as possible using the magic of modern technology to communicate and dote on her grandchild. 

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