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There’s no doubt about it, the need to improve our mental health has been a trending topic within the past few years, and rightfully so. More and more people are working from home, removing themselves from social circles, and simply going about their day, not understanding why they aren’t feeling their true selves. It can be a difficult time in a person’s life and one that they may not even have the money to receive help with. However, there are a few mental exercises you can do to help you better your overall mental health.

Start a Thought Journal

Although thoughts are constant, that doesn’t mean we remember them or have the time to think about what they mean. Suddenly feeling anxious during a situation may simply seem like nerves, but it can be something more serious. Therefore it is highly recommended to carry around a thought journal. Write down exactly what you’re feeling the moment you’re feeling it. If you can’t write down at any time, don’t worry, you can take a small portion of your day, such as lunch, to sit down and fill those pages up as well as contemplate over what you’re writing.

Understanding Your Thought Distortions

At some point in the day, some prefer at night; you must sit down and quietly think about all the negative thoughts you have in your head. Many of us attempt all day to suppress these, but it’s simply not healthy to do so. Stop and think, are these justified worries, or are they mental distortions? Mental distortions are irrational thoughts, but we allow them to convince us that they are. Through this exercise, you are slowly releasing all the heavy “What if’s” that tend to deteriorate your mental health.

Physical Exercise

Mental exercises are great to add to your daily routine, but you should involve some sort of physical exercise as well. Many studies have found that physical exercise helps to reduce anxiety and depression in people. This is because when blood begins to circulate due to the activity, it then allows your brain to receive more blood and oxygen. This vastly improves your mental state and allows you to have clearer thoughts.